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  1. Chapter I Presentation of the company that produce the product (the mission, the vision, the objectives)
  2. Chapter II Present the product/service and reason why you have chosen it
  3. Chapter III An S.W.O.T analyze of the product and company.

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Chapter I

Presentation of the company that produce the product

(the mission, the vision, the objectives)

Dedicated to moving you

One day Dean Kamen saw a young man in a wheelchair struggling to get over a curb. He thought about it, and realized that the problem wasn't ineffective wheelchairs, it was that the world was built for people who could balance. So he and his team created the Independence IBOT™ Mobility System, a self-balancing mobility device that enables users to climb stairs and negotiate sand, rocks, and curbs. But restoring balance also accomplished something even more dramatic—it elevated them on two wheels, so they could see the world at eye level. If balancing technology could provide such benefits to people who couldn't walk, what could it do for people with full mobility?

For people with full mobility, using a balance machine had far-reaching possibilities. Typically industrial design is an afterthought. However, we brought the team in early because the design of the Segway PT is integral to the way it functions. Sophisticated computer programming was added, the electronics and drive systems evolved, and Dean chose the right partners—not just investors with money but people willing to invest in his vision.

Then Segway PT took on a life of its own. A new company was established and key outside suppliers, who would play an integral role throughout the development process, were brought on board. And Segway PT kept evolving, driven by creativity and the desire to build something that could make a difference.

Our inspiration for the name Segway came from the word segue, which is defined as, "to transition smoothly from one state to another." A Segway PT transforms a person into an empowered pedestrian, allowing him/her to go farther, move more quickly and carry more.

Which brings us to today's Segway PT – Simply moving.

As a leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, it's always been Segway's vision to produce environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives. Today, more and more people are using the Segway PT as an eco-friendly alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car. In fact, The EPA estimates that Americans take 900 million car journeys every day, but did you know that half of these trips are less than five miles long and are by solo drivers- Here is what would happen if you replaced some of those car trips with a Segway PT:

If we are able to replace 10% of 900 million 3 mile car trips with an eco-friendly Segway PT there would be:

- 6.2 million fewer gallons of gas consumed.

- 286 million fewer pounds of CO2 emitted everyday.

The Segway PT has many benefits for you and the environment: less gas to buy, easier to park, and less wear on your car. It can also help reduce the impact of global warming by reducing our greenhouse gas output and consumption of imported fossil fuels.

Chapter II

Present the product/service and reason why you have chosen it

Segway Smart Motion™ - The science behind the technology

How dynamic stabilization works

The ability to balance on its own is the most amazing thing about the Segway PT, and it is the key to its operation. To understand how this system works, it helps to consider Kamen's model for the device-the human body.

If you stand up and lean forward so that you are out of balance, you probably won't fall on your face. Your brain knows you are out of balance, because fluid in your inner ear shifts, so it triggers you to put your leg forward and stop the fall. If you keep leaning forward, your brain will keep putting your legs forward to keep you upright. Instead of falling, you walk forward, one step at a time.

The Segway PT does pretty much the same thing, except it has wheels instead of legs, a motor instead of muscles, a collection of microprocessors instead of a brain and a set of sophisticated tilt sensors and gyroscopic sensors instead of an inner-ear balancing system. Like your brain, the Segway PT knows when you are leaning forward. To maintain balance, it turns the wheels at just the right speed, so you move forward. Segway calls this behavior dynamic stabilization and has patented the unique process that allows the Segway PT to balance on just two wheels.

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