Application of Law în Space

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Civil law enforcement

Civil law is applied under 3 aspects:

1. design that is temporarily in the length of time that the law will take effect.

2. design of the space that the geographical area in which law will apply

3. law enforcement on persons that must be borne in mind, which are the subjects of law that applies the law


The effects of space law are closely linked to the principle of sovereignty, the notion of territory and population that occupies the territory referring to the concept of citizen.

State sovereignty compulsory rules of law on all of its citizens and all social institutions on the elderly.

The notion of territory in the field of law has another sense, a different meaning than what is meant by the concept geographically.

Norma criminal law defines the notion of territory by Articles 142 and 143 of the Criminal Code. Thus, the territory is the extent of land and waters between borders, subsoil and airspace and territorial sea with soil, subsoil and its airspace.

The territory is limited by state borders, which are inviolable and shall be established by acts by domestic and international conventions concluded with neighboring countries.

The rule is that the law applies in the time interval as it is in force. Entry into force of the civil legal standard is the date mentioned in its provisions. If civil legal norm has no date from which will come into force, then its entry into force is as follows: simple and ordinary laws come into force 3 days after their publication in the gazette. Orders and decisions of government and other acts of the central state enters into force the day they are published in the Official Gazette of Romania, first part.

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