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1. General informations


In the south of Romania, beside Olt river.


East: Arges and Teleorman, in the West: Dolj County, North-West: Valcea County, South: the Danube and Bulgaria.

Area :

5498 km² (2.3% from territory of the country).


517,000 inhabitants

2. The localization and the characterization of area

2.1. Geographic

Located in the south of the country, on the bottom of the river which gave the name, Olt County is part of the category Danube riverside counties. It crossed the meridian of 24 degrees east longitude line and the parallel 44 degrees north latitude in the south, measuring 138 km north-south direction and 78 km east-west direction.

Olt County has the neighborhood in the northwest Valcea country; Arges and Teleorman in the east and the neighboring county of Dolj in the west, the Danube representing both limit our county, and a portion of the country's border with Bulgaria on a length of 47 km. From the northern limit of the county, up near Slatina, his residence, stretching the area of Sub-Carpathian hills and south of it until the Danube, held Plain Boian, subunit of the Great Plain Romania, left the center city is bordered by the river whose River valley - Olt Valley - represents a real axis of the territory of the county.

2.2. The level of economic and social development

Economic development

Romania's economy and therefore Olt county, total centralized economy under the communist regime, has managed to overcome the difficult period of transition, thus developing the economy by encouraging privatization and foreign investment, still considered insufficient.

The main branches of the economy Olt County are:

- metallurgy

- construction machinery

- construction and civil engineering

- energy industry

- oil

- food industry

- textile

- agriculture.

The primary sector is represented by extracting industries - Schela Ciureşti, while the secondary sector is represented by SC ALRO Slatina SA and SC ELECTROCARBON SA Slatina.

Tertiary sector is represented by SC ALPROM SA Slatina, SC ARTROM SA Slatina, Pirelli Slatina, SC ALTUR SA Slatina, SMR Bals, ROMVAG CARACAL, TERMEX AND BAL.

Olt county industry is the main area of activity in which 20.9% of the county conducted over 65% of the volume of productive activities. It represented all industries, but the share is held by metallurgy and production and processing of aluminum.

Olt County has an agricultural area of 437,845 ha, in the national context is the place seven.Total area under cultivation in 2005 was 391,254 hectares, up from the previous year with 28,544 hectares.

Social development

- Romanians - 98.06

- Romas - 1.86%, and other.

The county is a mainly rural one, over 60% of the population living in villages.

Olt county's population on 1 July 2005 was 483674 inhabitants, was merged into urban areas and 197,286 people in 290,890 rural residents. Population-level civil busy county presented the fields as follows:

1. Agriculture, hunting, forestry: 49.5%;

2. Industry: 20.9%;

3. Construction: 3.7%;

4. Commerce: 6.6%;

5. Health and welfare: 3.8%;

6. Education: 4.6%;

7. Public administration: 2.3%;

8. Other subjects: 8.6%.

Population by gender shows that, over time, although the differences are relatively small, those women are the majority in our county. The structure of the population by age group reveals a more aging population, concentrated in rural areas, where the share of population older than 60 years and older, a figure reached 28%, to the opposite side situându the population of cities and towns where the population young adult and up to 44 years, reaching 70.9%.

2.3. Accessibility

Rail -Olt County is crossed by 3 railway line of national interest: Bucharest, Timisoara, Craiova-Bucharest and Sibiu-Corabia.

Inland waterway transport - Port of Corabia to ensure river transport

Road - The region is crossed by European road, 70 - Moravita-Timisoara-Ipswich and DN (National Road) 64 - Sibiu-Corabia.There are knots road important to Caracal, Mildura, Melbourne

3. Presentation of tourist potential

3.1. Natural Attractions

Amid a geographical landscape, with a relatively low interest tourism, there are some special interest objectives (landscape, flora, fauna), which entered as the natural attractions of the county

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