Milka Chocolate

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  1. Introduction
  2. Product
  3. Price
  4. Placement
  5. Promotion
  6. Conclusions

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Milka is a trademark of Kraft Foods International

Milka – the most sold product on the premium segment of chocolate tablets

Milka – the first tablet made by Philippe Suchard

1901 - The mark “Milka” is born and registered

1908 - Milka has a new image

1922 – It appears for the first time a cow accompanied by a man

1960 – The name “Milka” is written in white on purple background

1973 – The cow becomes the emblematic figure of Milka

1988 – The white writing, the cow and the alpine landscape become the final image of Milka chocolate

Milka-milk (milch) and cocoa (kakao)

The package- purple with white writing of the Milka logo, oriented horizontally, secondary packed in tinfoil

Milk from the Alps Noisette Hazelnut Nuts and raisins Happy Cows

Milka tablets 100g

Yogurt and strawberries White chocolate Caramel Chocolate foam

Milka tablets 250g

Milk from the Alps Whole nuts Nuts and raisins

Milka Diet with Milk from the Alps

Milka Luflée

Milka Luflée Alpine Milk Milka Luflée Noisette Milka Luflée White

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