Coca Cola operation management

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Launching A Luxury Brand For Coca Cola

Southeast Asia has been positive overall, up 3 percent at constant (currently at 1%). Singapore is attracting spending from China's Tier 2 and 3 cities (Bain & Company). The world bank LPI currently shows Singapore at 5th in the world ranking with a score of 4.14.

Where To Launch

Customer Trends

Women are the major treat purchasers of luxury items for themselves (67% of women compared to 55% of men), under-45s and parents with young children are most inclined to buy high-end items in order to indulge themselves.

Over-55 are most inclined to buy luxury brands because of their superior quality or craftsmanship.

Purchasing premium products as a reward (eg for celebrating an achievement or working hard) is most common among under-25s, those in full-time employment and parents with young children.


Wide geographic presence

Distribution operations

Brand name


Capacity expansion

Future plans

Bottling system


Company debt

Law suits

Product diversification


Raw material sourcing

Competitors initiatives

Foreign exchange risk.

Market analysis

The global luxury market is collectively growing at 4 percent to an estimated €1.08 trillion in 2016. There is also evidence that luxury consumers are redirecting their spending toward new and more personal high-end experiences, such as luxury travel, food and wine, and even fine art. With high-quality design trends growing by 15% in Asia-pacific. (Bain & Company Luxury Study 15th edition)

Selected currency movements are affecting consumption in 2016. Brexit, the U.S. presidential election and European terrorism all impacted consumer confidence and touristic flows. However growth driven by Asia and emerging markets show positive macro-trends for Luxury markets. As the global luxury market settles into this new pattern.


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