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Circulația atmosferică - atmosferic circulation

Many components of the Earth are in motion (e.g. the atmosphere, oceans, biological systems), though some move rather slowly (e.g. continents, mantle). Each of these systems play a role in the distribution of energy and thus the climate of the Earth. These systems can be thought of as acting on three different time... citește mai departe

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Teste în engleză - zootehnie

-Theme:Cattle management - -1.________ for cows should be cleansed and disinfected regulary.- -Stable- -Place- -Barn- -Both of them- -2.The stable should be in connection with be born in whitc the _______ are stared.- -Feeding stuffs- -Grain- -Hay- -Silages- -3.________ are when they are dehorned, the... citește mai departe

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Sisteme cu Control Distribuit

If you are designing a client-server system you may also have to design a communication protocol between the client and the server. Of course, sometimes this protocol is already have been decided for you, e.g. HTTP, XML-RPC (XML over HTTP), or SOAP (also XML over HTTP). But once in a while the protocol decision... citește mai departe

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Aparate electrice L 1-5

Scopul lucrării Studiul condiţiilor de formare, menţinere şi stingere ale arcului electric de curent continuu, trasarea caracteristicilor statice şi dinamice, analiza diverselor soluţii constructive utilizate realizarea dispozitivelor de stingere ale arcului electric de curent continuu din construcţia aparatelor... citește mai departe

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